Oncology Esthetics

With cancer diagnoses on the rise, chances are that you are or know someone living with cancer.  I (Teri) have been personally affected by cancer on several levels and have a unique understanding of the physical and emotional challenges of cancer patients and survivors.  Recognizing that people living with, recovering from, or survivors of cancer require special treatment led me to become certified in Oncology Esthetics
®.  Cancer treatments can be very hard on the skin, which is one of  the challenges that I want to help alleviate.  Additionally, many studies show that the power of touch, such as through a facial or massage, can help reduce pain, improve mood, and reduce fatigue in cancer patients.

Cancer patients and survivors can feel safe knowing that I am certified to meet their specialized skin care needs.  Being certified in Oncology Esthetics® means I understand cancer and how it affects a person's cells, the possible causes of cancer, main cancer therapies and how each effects the skin, cancer therapy side affects, the lymphatic system and oncology massage, immunology, sanitation and infection control procedures, oncology drugs and medications, and the psychological effects of cancer among other practices specific to this discipline.

I understand that cancer patients and/or caregivers may have many questions about receiving a skin treatment, and I welcome those questions.  I want you to feel comfortable knowing you will receive a safe treatment given with compassion and understanding.  I realize and understand the many levels of sensitivity that cancer patients experience, and will respectfully tailor your treatment with that in mind.  To top it off, you'll leave your treatment feeling relaxed, cared for, and beautiful!

I am the seventh Licensed Esthetician in Colorado to become certified in Oncology Esthetics®.  I received my certification through an intense training course with Touch For Cancer.  To learn more about what this highly specialized training encompassed visit Touch For Cancer at http://www.touchforcanceronline.com/.


Oncology Skin Healing Facial                                             60 minutes, $75
This treatment addresses the specific needs and concerns of people undergoing all phases of cancer therapy, as well as recovery and survival, and is customized every step of the way.  A safe and soothing treatment to help manage and improve the changes skin undergoes during and after cancer therapy, with the added healing benefits of touch and lymphatic drainage, provide a feeling of peace and relaxation.  The use of safe, non-toxic, unscented, gentle and healing products help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better.  


Spa Day at Anschutz Cancer Center was held 2/10/12 - Yep, that's me giving an Oncology Skin Healing Treatment to a beautiful cancer patient (applying her eyebrows at the end of the treatment).  She was such an inspiration!

Press Release - Local Esthetician Earns Certification, Extends Spa Treatments to Those with Cancer


The following list is provided for your information - I am not recommending any one resource over another.  If you know of a legitimate resource you would like to see added to this list, please let me know.

The Colorado Breast Cancer Resource Directory - www.breastcancercolorado.org

The National Cancer Institute - www.cancer.gov

American Cancer Society - www.cancer.org

The Skin Cancer Foundation - www.skincancer.org

Facing Our Risk - www.facingourrisk.org

Breast Cancer Action - www.bcaction.org 

Eating Well Through Cancer:  Easy Recipes & Recommendations During & After Treatment - www.hollyclegg.com

Yes, you can go through cancer treatment and look like you! - www.facingthemirror.org

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