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Oncology Esthetics Skincare

Best Esthetician Camarillo, Best Onclogy Esthetics

Oncology Skin Healing Facial  |  60 minutes  |  $125

This facial addresses the specific needs and concerns of people undergoing all phases of cancer therapy, as well as recovery and survival, and is customized every step of the way.  A safe and soothing treatment to help recover your appearance and manage and improve the changes skin undergoes during and after cancer therapy, with the added healing benefits of touch and modified lymphatic drainage, provide a feeling of peace and relaxation.  The use of safe, non-toxic, gentle and healing products help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you looking great and feeling better.

What's so special about Oncology Esthetics?

With cancer diagnoses on the rise, chances are that you are or know someone living with cancer.  I have been personally affected by cancer on several levels and have a unique understanding of the physical and emotional challenges of cancer patients and survivors.  (The above picture is of my mom and me, during her fourth battle with cancer.  That's right - she's a four-time survivor!)  Recognizing that people living with, recovering from, or survivors of cancer require special treatment led me to become Certified in Oncology Esthetics.  Cancer treatments can be very hard on the skin, which is one of the challenges I want to help alleviate.  Additionally, studies show that the power of touch, such as through a facial, massage, or even Reiki, can help reduce pain, improve mood, and reduce fatigue in cancer patients.

Skin health suffers when our entire bodily system is under the stress of not only fighting cancer, but the treatments that help us survive it.  I am honored to offer certified, conscientious, specialized treatments to help nourish your skin and relieve as much stress as possible during this difficult time.

  • Oncology Esthetics helps to restore the balance that is in constant sway during and even after chemotherapy and radiation.

  • I have undergone rigorous training in order to work with you to improve the extreme dryness, inflammation, and potentially fragile state your skin may endure.

  • Unique products are used to soothe, deeply hydrate, and strengthen skins weakened barrier.

  • Every positive action has meaning.  Self care is a purposeful, effective stress reliever.

  • A little extra compassion via human touch is never a bad idea.  It's not about being fixed, it's about feeling better, feeling cared for, and feeling like yourself again.  Detachment, even temporarily, is quieting and de-stressing.













"I had a wonderful experience with Teri. I had cancer last year and she is so knowledgeable about what I should and shouldn't do with my skin and around my lymph nodes - things I wish my doctor had told me!!  The products she used made my skin look awesome! Not greasy like some facials. I had people for days telling me how good I looked! Definitely going back in six weeks.!"

Brooke A. - 5/16/16

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