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Acne Bootcamp Program

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Embark on a journey to clear, healthy skin with the About Face Acne Bootcamp Program, designed exclusively for individuals committed to battling acne.  This comprehensive, three to six month program combines professional skin care treatments with personalized home care and lifestyle adjustments, all aimed at addressing the root causes of acne and promoting long-term skin health.

Transform Your Skin:  Join the 
About Face Acne Bootcamp Program



At the core of the About Face Acne Bootcamp Program is a deep commitment to the holistic health of your skin.  The products and treatments prescribed are meticulously chosen not only for their acne-fighting abilities, but also for their own capacity to maintain the integrity of the skin.  I understand that the skin's protective barrier is its first line of defense against environmental stressors, and my approach ensures this barrier remains intact and strong.  Furthermore, my professional treatments and products are designed to support and nurture the skin microbiome, the community of beneficial microorganisms on your skin, crucial for maintaining balance and preventing further breakouts.  By focusing on these fundamental aspects of skin health, I provide a comprehensive solution that not only addresses acne at its source but also promotes a resilient, vibrant complexion.


  • Bi-Weekly Professional Treatments.  Every two weeks, you'll receive a targeted skin care treatment. These sessions are crucial for deeply cleansing pores, removing impurities, reducing inflammation, and applying treatment products that are too potent for home use.  Each session is tailored to your skin's specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • Prescribed Home Care Regimen.  To compliment your professional treatments with me, you'll be prescribed a set of professional-grade skin care products.  These are not your average over-the-counter solutions; they're specially formulated to work in tandem with your treatments, accelerating your journey towards clear skin.

  • Lifestyle and Diet Guidance.  Clear skin isn't just about what you put on it; it's also about how you care for your body. I'll guide you through necessary lifestyle and diet changes that can significantly impact your skin's health.  From reducing stress to cutting back on acne-triggering foods, you'll learn how to create an environment where clear skin can thrive.

  • Commitment to Success.  The About Face Acne Bootcamp Program demands dedication.  Success in this program requires adherence to the treatment schedule, consistent use of only the prescribed skin care products, and willingness to make recommended lifestyle and diet adjustments.  It's a journey, but you won't walk it alone.  I'll be with you every step of the way, offering support, advice, and adjustments to your regimen as needed.

  • Who Should Join?  This program is ideal for anyone ready to take serious steps towards conquering acne.  Whether you're dealing with persistent breakouts, hormonal acne, or acne scarring, my tailored approach can help.  If you're ready to invest in your skin's health and see lasting changes, the About Face Acne Bootcamp Program is for you.

  • Ready to Transform Your Skin?  If you are ready to make the commitment to changing your skin, then join me and take the first step towards the clear, healthy skin you deserve.  Spots are limited, and your journey to transformation begins now.  Contact me to reserve your place in the About Face Acne Bootcamp Program, and embark on a path to clear, radiant skin.

About Face Acne Bootcamp Program Membership.....................................................................................$200


- Approximately 90 minutes onboarding

- Lifetime membership to the program

- In-depth consultation and skin analysis

- Your first acne treatment (on a different day)

- Detailed instructions and guidance on using your home care products

- In-depth evaluation of necessary lifestyle changes

- Acne information packet to take home

- Lifetime answers and support for any questions or concerns you have

- We'll get all of your appointments for the next three months scheduled at this time

  • Initial product investment will be approximately $225 +tax.  Products should last, if being used correctly, approximately

  • 2-3 months (some even more).

  • Subsequent Boot Camp treatments are 45-60 minutes, at $145 each

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