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So what is K-Beauty anyhow?  K-Beauty is skin care products and routines derived
from South Korea.  What's so special about it, you ask?  Korean women focus their
beauty routines on health, hydration, and a preferred lack of pigment.  Products
from Korea have very specific standards to achieve these goals.  Their focus is on
nourishing the skin so it looks amazing without makeup, rather than investing in
products to cover up imperfections.  Funny, but I have always had this same focus
and am now bringing some amazing Korean products and treatments to you, to
help you achieve a gorgeous glow!
The Filler Facial

An Anti-Aging Facial for the Needle-Phobic

75 minutes  |  $250


Face To Face Esthetics in Camarillo, California is excited to provide clients with the newest anti-aging treatment on the market!  Providing filler-like results without the needle, this anti-aging treatment is perfect for people who don't like needles, or those who prefer a more holistic approach to caring for the skin.  The Filler Facial is simply the most amazing, holistic anti-aging treatment available to turn back the hands of time!

The Filler Facial treats both the face and neck using a non-toxic product from Korea called Sculplla, which contains high concentrations of Poly L Lactic Acid - the exact same ingredient found in the filler Sculptra.  You'll also get the benefits of other anti-aging favorites such as caffeine, l-argenine, glutathione, peptides, niacinamide, and a plethora of botanical extracts.  The results that this ingredient cocktail provides are simply amazing, plumping fine lines and wrinkles with a filler-like effect ... all without the pain and bruising of a needle!

I like to call this treatment the "triple-whammy."  We begin with a thorough double cleanse followed by the PLLA Pro Micro Peel.  The plla serum and mask is then carefully applied.  While the mask remains on the skin for 30 minutes you'll receive the additional rejuvenating benefits of Celluma LED Phototherapy.  The Filler Facial provides pain free results without a needle and no down time, smooths and fills fine lines and wrinkles, tightens and lifts the skin, stimulates collagen, improves skin tone and brightens skin.

Other than avoiding water and sweat for 12 hours following the treatment, there is no downtime and the results are cumulative.  While individual results may vary, one treatment can last up to 5 weeks while a series of three treatments performed at one week intervals can last up to 5 months!  More mature clients will benefit from a series of 5 treatments performed weekly.  Using the plla mist at home is a must!  A prescribed home care regimen is also strongly recommended.  Prepay for your series of 3 or 5 treatments, and receive the plla mist for FREE ($95 value)!

Tok Tok Korean Facial

75 minutes  |  $195

Brighten  :  Anti-Aging  :  Calm  :  Hydrate  :  Clear  :  Smooth  :  Lift

Introducing our new K-Beauty bespoke skin treatments, tailored to bring your skin to the next level of "tok tok" (that Korean dewy glow)!  Each treatment is customized to your specific skin condition and concerns ... whether it be brightening, pigmentation reduction, anti-aging, improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, calming of rosacea, deep hydration, or improvement of texture and acne scarring.  Every treatment begins with an in-depth analysis and consultation and includes a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation (enzyme or peel), extractions, deep infusion of multiple nutrients into the skin using an amazing Korean electroporation tool, massage of face, neck and decollete, microcurrent or LED light therapy, and deep hydrating mask, followed by skin nutrition, moisturizer and SPF.  Honestly, you can't get a better value than this fantastic treatment that will leave you feeling and looking amazing!

The V-Line Facial

Elasticity + Volume + Lifting = Miracle Therapy for a Younger Looking Face & V-Line

75 minutes  |  $195

The V-Line Facial is a special treat using advanced ingredient technology that results in lifting and defining of the jawline (the v-line), and tightening of the skin.  The combination of PDO (polydioxanone thread collagen) and colloidal gold, as well as other key ingredients, work in synergy to absorb slowly and deeply penetrate the skin, resulting in an amazing glow, tightened skin, increased collagen and elastin production, increased blood and lymph circulation, and boosted NMF (natural moisturizing factors).  Add in the benefits of 30 minutes under the Celluma LED light panel followed by a colloidal gold gel mask, and it's literally like getting a mini thread face lift ... perfect for anyone who wants to improve sagging and wrinkles.

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