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New Acne Product Line Is Here!

Recently I attended an elite skin care conference, where I discovered a brand new product line for acne sufferers, that has a completely different approach to clearing stubborn acne. I am so impressed with the products and the company's philosophy, that I invested in their advanced training and certification course (even though I've taken other acne advanced training and certification courses in the past). Just when you think there's nothing new to learn ... abra cadabra ... there's something new to learn!

I am now a WISH PRO Certified Acne Practitioner, one of only a few currently in the world!

What is Wish Skin Health, you ask? WISH = Wisdom Inspired Skin Health.

Finally, an effective yet healthy treatment system to clear even the toughest acne. Now, when you say you "wish" you had clear skin, your wish can finally be realized.

Now don't get me wrong - I still love the Rhonda Allison products I've been using for years to help clear acne, and love the Storyderm Clinic A line even better. And those lines are still available and effective for many to use!

Wish Skin Health focuses on rebalancing and repairing the microbiome of the skin, which is really important to maintain the integrity of the skin's barrier. Professional treatments with me, combined with the right combination of correctives, actives, and healing products at home, will have you clear in as little as three months if you follow the prescribed protocol faithfully.

Not only that, but you'll achieve clear skin without accelerating aging, as many other products can cause. And the products are perfect for all skin types, all types of acne, all skin tones, and all ages.

So come on, let's get you clear! If you're new to Face To Face Esthetics, or if you're just stuck or stalled on your journey to clear skin, give me a shout for your WISH acne consult today!

Stay Beautiful,

Teri Kotantoulas

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