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Corona Virus Precautions

To My Valued Clients:

With all that is happening regarding COVID-19, I want to take a moment to encourage you not to succumb to fear and panic. Instead, use wisdom and common sense when making daily decisions. I understand that this situation is challenging and I’d like to encourage each of you to stay strong and know that we will persevere!

I also want to assure you that I am taking all precautions in the office to ensure the continued health and safety of you as well as myself, so please take a minute to read this message.

I have always employed a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation in my practice, which is why I schedule 30 minutes between appointments. My protocol includes sanitizing all surfaces in the treatment room with a hospital grade disinfectant (approved for COVID-19) after each client visit. I use many disposable items in each service, and those are discarded immediately after use. Reusable items such as tools, brushes and machines are sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant per manufacturer guidelines. All product containers are wiped with the disinfectant prior to being put away. All sheets, wraps, headbands and towels are washed in hot water with bleach, using the sanitize setting on my washing machine, and are dried immediately. All items are stored in covered containers and cabinets and are not exposed to the general public. I do not lay out anything to be used in a service until just prior to your arrival. These are things that I have done on a daily basis for the past 13+ years.

As you know, I only see one client at a time which limits my exposure to large groups of people, as well as limits exposure to my office space. To ramp up my sanitizing protocol, I am wiping all door handles and other surfaces you may contact during your visit after each guest leaves. In addition, I will wear gloves during each and every service (after washing and sanitizing my hands as normal) and will additionally wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable.

It is being recommended to limit hugs and handshakes during this time, so instead let’s fist or foot bump. It doesn’t mean I love you any less! I also encourage you to wash your hands and use sanitizer in my treatment room before your service begins.

I’m pretty sure you already know all of the other precautions that are being recommended by the CDC. Please know that I won’t hold it against you if you decide to reschedule your appointment with me. And of course, if you’re not feeling well or are caring for others who aren’t feeling well, please let me know even if it’s last minute. Likewise, I’ll do the same for you. I feel that it’s important to show compassion and support each other during these challenging times.

Stay Beautiful … and Healthy!

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