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How to Get Rid of Acne

Updated: May 30

Welcome ... today I want to talk about how to get rid of acne. In case we haven't met yet, I'm Teri Kotantoulas, owner of Face To Face Esthetics.

As a Licensed Esthetician based on Camarillo, California, treating acne is one of my specialties. For years I've been helping women, men, and teens from Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and Ojai achieve clear skin.

Today, I want to share more about acne facials and my About Face Acne Program. This program is ideal for women and men of all ages who want to invest in their skin and finally kick acne to the curb.

Whether you're dealing with hormonal acne, adult acne, teen acne, cystic acne, blackheads, whiteheads, other types of acne, or acne scars, the About Face Acne Program is just what you need!

It's time to shift the narrative from frustration to transformation! The About Face Acne Program isn't just about fighting acne; it's about embracing a comprehensive approach to skin health that sees you, understands you, and supports you in achieving a vibrant, clear complexion.

So, are you ready to take a stand against acne? To invest in yourself and see real change? Keep reading ... your journey to clear, healthy skin starts here, and trust me, it's going to be extraordinary.

The Philosophy Behind the Program

This isn't your average acne treatment or acne skin care routine, this is a holistic, all-in journey to the skin you've been dreaming of, backed by a commitment to battle acne head-on. With a blend of professional skin care treatments, personalized home care, and lifestyle adjustments, we're diving deep into the root causes of acne to give you the long-term results you deserve.

  • It's All Connected. I understand that clear skin isn't just about what you put on your face; it's about how you nourish and care for your body as a whole. That's why I'm committed to a holistic approach that looks beyond the surface, addressing the root causes of acne from the inside out.

  • No Harsh Acne Medications. Get rid of the adapalene, proactiv, differin, antibiotics, and especially the roaccutane (accutane)! No prescription acne medications that wreak havoc on your skin and entire body ... no over-the-counter products that strip your skin barrier and then make things worse, or don't work at all.

  • Preserving the Sanctuary. Your skin's protective barrier? It's your fortress, your first line of defense against the world. The About Face Acne Program ensures this barrier remains intact, strong and ready to protect. It's not about stripping away your defenses; it's about fortifying them.

  • A Happy Community. Just like a thriving ecosystem, your skin is home to a community of beneficial microorganisms that keep everything in balance. My acne treatments and products are designed to nurture this microbiome, ensuring your skin remains a harmonious, happy place where acne struggles to take hold.

  • Empowerment Through Education. Knowledge is power and I'm here to arm you with all the insights, tips, and guidance you need to take control of your skin health. Understanding the "why's" behind your skin's behavior is the first step to transforming it.

This program isn't just about achieving clear skin. It's about empowering you with the tools, knowledge, and support to maintain that clarity and health for the long haul. It's about changing the narrative from battling your skin to understanding and caring for it, creating a foundation of health that radiates from within.

What the About Face Acne Program Entails

Let's take a peek at exactly what's involved when you join the About Face Acne Program. Again, this isn't your garden-variety skin care fling; this is a full-on commitment to transforming your skin and, quite possibly, your entire outlook on what skin care can truly be. Here we go:

  1. Bi-Weekly Professional Acne Treatments. Every two weeks, you're stepping into my treatment room, where I'll provide targeted skin care treatments that mean business. Think of these sesions as your personal skin care bootcamp drills, designed to deep cleanse your pores, whisk away impurities, dial down inflammation, and supercharge your skin with potent treatment products. It's rigorous, it's effective, and it's tailored to the unique needs of your skin.

  2. Prescribed Acne Home Care Regimen. The work doesn't stop when you step out of my treatment room. Oh no, you're taking a piece of that magic home with you in the form of professional acne skin care products. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, find-them-anywhere products; these are specially formulated acne treatment products that work in sync with your professional treatments to accelerate your results. Think of them as your daily training exercises to keep the momentum going strong.

  3. Lifestyle and Diet Guidance. We all know clear skin isn't just about what you slather on it; it's about how you fuel and care for your body too. That's why this program doesn't just stop at skin care. We'll dive deep into lifestyle and diet changes that can have a monumental impact on your skin's health. From cutting back on acne-triggering foods and supplements (often what causes cystic acne) to managing stress (yep, stress is a biggie in the acne saga), you're getting the full playbook on how to support your skin from the inside out.

  4. Commitment to Success. Let's be real; transformation requires dedication. The About Face Acne Program is a pact between you and your skin, and success hinges on sticking to the treatment schedule, religiously using only the prescribed skin care products, and being open to making those crucial lifestyle tweaks. It might sound like a tall order, but remember, extraordinary results demand extraordinary commitment. And the best part? You're not going it alone! I'm with you every step of the way, cheering you on, offering guidance, and fine-tuning your regimen as we go. This is teamwork, and together we'll get you clear.

Who's The About Face Acne Program For?

If you've been nodding along, feeling a spark of hope or a surge of determination, and want the best acne treatment for adults and teens, then this program is for you. Whether you're battling persistent breakouts, hormonal havoc, or the ghosts of acne past (hello, scars), there's a place for you here.

  • Persistent Breakout Battlers. If you've been on the front lines, fighting the good fight against breakouts that just won't quit, this program is your new battle plan. I'm talking strategy, support, and the heavy artillery of professional, proven acne treatments and products.

  • Hormonal Acne Heroes. For those navigating the tricky waters of hormonal acne, whether it's the teenage tide or the adult waves, this program is your beacon of hope. I'm ready to tailor my tactics to your skin's specific needs, guiding you to calm, clear shores.

  • Scarring Soldiers. If acne scars are the battle wounds you're looking to heal, enlist here. The About Face Acne Program isn't just about addressing active acne; it's about restoring and rejuvenating your skin, helping to fade those scars and reclaim your complexion.

  • Ready-For-Change Recruits. This is key. You're not just looking for a quick fix; you're ready for a full-fledged commitment to transforming your skin. You understand that real results come from consistency, dedication and a willingness to embrace change both in your skin care routine, and your lifestyle.

  • Why You? Why Now? Because you deserve to look in the mirror and love what you see! Because you're tired of temporary solutions and ready for lasting change. Because you know that with the right support, guidance, and regimen, you can achieve the skin health you've always dreamed of.

The About Face Acne Program is for anyone who's ready to take serious, committed steps towards not just managing acne, but thriving beyond it. It's for those who are looking to invest in their skin's health and see real, tangible changes.

If you've felt a resounding "Yes!" to any of this, then it's time. Time to stop letting acne dictate your story. Time to take control, with a comprehensive program designed to tackle acne at its root and guide you towards the clear, healthy skin you deserve.

AMAZING! By Far The Best.
"I have clear and glowing skin thanks to Teri.  More importantly I have a new level of confidence thanks to her.  She truly cares about helping you.  I had been experiencing severe adult acne (with inflamed and irritated skin) for the last two years which has been very frustrating, emotional, and worst of all hurtful to the touch.  I tried everything:  dermatologists, popular and medicated acne products, home remedies, other estheticians ... However, I am extremely grateful to have met Teri. She is very knowledgeable and understands everyone is different so be sure that you will receive personalized care.  She has your best interest at heart. She takes the time to get to know you, learn about you and your skin, educate you on what may be causing your condition, and offer applicable solutions that work. She goes above and beyond to make sure you have the skin care treatment and home care routine that is right for you. She takes her professionalism to another level."
- Arias, 2020 Google Review

Ready to Transform Your Skin?

Your journey starts here. It starts now. Spots in the About Face Acne Program at Face To Face Esthetics are waiting for those ready to make the commitment, ready to embark on a path to clear, radiant skin. Are you in? I've only got five spots available right now, so let's make it happen together!

Getting started is super easy!

  1. Click here to schedule your About Face Acne Program Startup appointment. This appointment includes an in-depth consultation, skin analysis, your first treatment, an acne information packet, all your questions answered, and one full-sized facial cleanser to get you started at home.

  2. Purchase the remainder of home care products recommended (approximately $125-$150 +tax). Don't worry, I'll give you detailed instructions on how to use everything correctly at home.

  3. We'll get the remainder of your bi-weekly sessions scheduled before you leave, so you'll be set on your road to success.

Why Start Now?

Because there's no time like the present to take control of your skin health. Spots in the About Face Acne Program are limited, ensuring that each participant receives personalized attention and care. Your journey to skin transformation begins the moment you decide you're ready for change.

Remember, starting this program is more than just signing up for treatments; it's joining a supportive professional committed to seeing you achieve success. It's making a promise to yourself to pursue the clear, vibrant skin you deserve.

So, are you ready to make the commitment? Are you ready to change your skin and reclaim your confidence?

It's clear the About Face Acne Program at Face To Face Esthetics isn't just another acne skin care routine. It's a holistic mission, a comprehensive battle plan against acne that demands dedication, commitment, and the courage to embrace change. This program is about more than achieving clear skin; it's about transforming your life, one treatment at a time.

If you've felt a connection to this mission, if the prospect of clear, healthy, acne-free skin excites you and you're ready to commit to the journey ahead, then it's time to take the first step. The path to transformation begins with a choice ... the choice to fight for your skin, to nurture it, and to see beyond the breakouts to the radiant complexion that awaits.

Are you ready to transform your skin and reclaim your confidence? Are you ready to see what life looks like on the other side of acne? Join me ... let's embark on this transformative journey together. Your clear, healthy skin awaits.

Stay Beautiful,

Teri Kotantoulas

Licensed Esthetician

Not local to Camarillo or Ventura County? I can still help you! Get your acne starter set here:

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